Endorsers & Ambassadors

The #QualityForAll Initiative is a global education campaign that employs a peer-to-peer tactic to raise awareness of ISO 20252:2019 certification—the internationally recognized market research and insights standard—as a pathway to increasing the data quality collected by market research methodologies. Our Endorsers and Ambassadors are key components to our mission’s success, and we appreciate their participation!

To learn more about our Endorser and Ambassador programs, or for any media inquiries, please contact Juliana Wood at juliana.wood@cirq.org or 202-270-6318.


#QualityForAll Endorsers are organizations that publicly state their commitment to the initiative.

Benefits for #QualityForAll

  • Use of Endorser organization logo on marketing assets, cementing the initiative as a globally supported endeavor
  • Access to in-kind or deeply discounted advertising opportunities, including social posts, webinars and more


#QualityForAll Ambassadors are ISO Quality Managers or other leadership team members who publicly share their experiences with ISO 20252:2019. 

Media Assets

Use of The #QualityForAll Initiative logos is available only to approved Endorsers and Ambassadors.

Use of The #QualityForAll Initiative

  • Please use The #QualityForAll Initiative for the first mention
  • Following that, #QualityForall can be used
  • Do not make #QualityForAll a possessive (NO #QualityForAll’s); in this case, try initiative’s

Social Media

Please add the following when posting in reference to #QualityForAll

  • #QualityForAll
  • #ISO20252
  • @Certification Institute For Research Quality


The #QualityForAll Initiative raises awareness of ISO 20252:2019 certification as a pathway to increasing brand demand for data quality and consumer trust in the insights industry. #QualityForAll was founded in partnership by the Certification Institute for Research Quality (CIRQ) and Full Circle Research, and welcomes every organization in the MRX industry to join the fight for highest-quality market research and service. To learn more, visit cirq.org/qualityforall.

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