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Stable Research

Stable Research is a market research recruitment agency based in Sydney. Our client base includes private enterprise and local, state and commonwealth government agencies along with independent researchers. Whilst Stable Research has a comprehensive portfolio, our specialist expertise lies in recruitment for qualitative research for the FMCG, Business, Finance and car industries. The scope of certification to ISO 20252 and 26362 includes a research process management system which covers the Soapbox Panel and the scope of our company’s deliverables specifically for the following research methodologies: 

• Recruitment for Qualitative focus groups and interviews 

• Recruitment for participation in online blogs and communities

• Recruitment for gang surveys 

Stable research is excluded from the following requirements as they are activities that are not undertaken: 

• Data Collection (clauses 5.1 through to 5.4) 

• Data Management and Processing (clauses 6.1 through to 6.7) 

Certificate Number:
Original Issue Date: November 2, 2014 (BSI ISO 20252)
Latest Issue Date: December 20, 2016 (20252); March 29, 2017 (26362)
Expiration Date: December 20, 2019


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