Terms of Use for CIRQ Certification Mark

The Certification Institute for Research Quality, INC. (“CIRQ”) has established these Terms of Use to allow for the use of the CIRQ Certification Mark in a professional and legal manner by CIRQ-certified companies in their written and electronic literature and advertising. These Terms define the limitations of use by ISO 20252 and/or ISO 26362 (the “Standards”) certified companies of the CIRQ Certification Mark; and will be administered by the CIRQ Director(s) and CIRQ Board of Directors. These terms cover the use of the CIRQ Certification Mark only. The CIRQ logo is a separate and distinct graphic and is restricted to CIRQ use only.

  1. Only companies who have achieved a successful audit to one or both of the Standards and have received a Certificate of Compliance from CIRQ are permitted to use the CIRQ Certification Mark.
  2. The CIRQ Certification Mark will be delivered to the certified company electronically in both a gif format for website use and a jpeg format for print use. Other formats will be made available as needed. Guidelines for size and color usage will be delivered with the certification mark.
  3. Certification approval and use of the Certification Mark is limited to the scope of audit determined by CIRQ and detailed on the Certificate of Compliance. Companies who have achieved certification will use the Certification Mark only in such a way so as not to create confusion between matters referred to in the scope of certification and other matters.
  4. Divisions, parents, subsidiaries, sister companies and other affiliated companies are not permitted to use the CIRQ Certification Mark unless they have individually received certification by CIRQ to one or both of the Standards.
  5. Companies that have achieved certification but are not Insights Association members may only use the CIRQ Certification Mark and are not entitled to use the separate and distinct CASRO logo in their materials.

The use of CIRQ’s name and/or the Certification Mark and/or the use of the Insights Association name and/or logo are not an endorsement of the survey research firms that use any such name, certification mark, or logo. The CIRQ name and Certification Mark and the Insights Association name and logo may not be used in any way suggesting product approval. The Certification Mark applies only to certification of the company’s project management system according to the scope.

The use of the CIRQ Certification Mark following initial certification is subject to annual review based on the successful result of subsequent annual surveillance audits or the re-certification audit.

CIRQ reserves the right to suspend or withdraw a company’s certification under one or both of the Standards and its use of the CIRQ Certification Mark based on failure to comply with the relevant Standard/s as determined by the outcome of a CIRQ audit, violation of conformance to the standard, or misuse of the Certification Mark.

These Terms of Use are subject to review and revision, the continued use of the Certification Mark after any such revision will be subject to such revised Terms of Use.

The CIRQ name and Certification Mark are trademarks of CIRQ. We reserve the right to require that you remove them from your site and discontinue use of them should it be determined there is a breach of any conditions laid out in these Terms.

CIRQ recommends the following language for use in promotional materials in relation to a company’s CIRQ certification: [Insert company name] is committed to industry quality and maintains certification to [insert applicable standard(s)] (ISO 20252 the International Standard for Market, Opinion and Survey Research and/or ISO 26362 the International Standard for Access Panels in Market, Opinion and Survey Research) or ISO 27001 Standard for Information technology -  Security techniques - Information Security Management Systems. This certification covers [insert scope of certification].


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